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Festool DOMINO

The Festool DOMINO jointing system - at last a system that joins everything.

The DOMINO jointing system combines exceptional versatility with simple handling and maximum precision. The DOMINO jointer demonstrates this in every detail. The patented routing principle, excellent ergonomics and a wide range of adjustment options make it extremely easy for you to manufacture solid joints, even in extremely complex applications.
DOMINO is a new unique jointing system. The system consists of the DOMINO jointer, recently developed by Festool, and a loose spigot in the shape of the oval DOMINO. The DOMINO jointing system is suitable both for panel joins and frame and rack joints. The simple placement of the DOMINO allows for economical production of individual parts and small batches, for chairs, tables and shelving, etc. Allowing you to work both quickly and precisely.

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